Advanced EMDR Consultation - Treating complex PTSD via EMDR Telehealth

  Starting August 13, a new consultation group (small group with limited participants) is  
  scheduled for EMDR therapists using telehealth in treating veterans/military suffering with
  complex PTSD. 

  This consultation group began at the request of EMDR trained professionals who treat  
  veterans suffering with complex military trauma desperately needing treatment in spite
  of the Corona-19 pandemic.  The group is based on the principle FIRST DO NO HARM while
  applying what we have learned in effectively treating veterans with complex PTSD using
  the face-to-face approach, with applications to the effective use of telehealth treatment for 
  complex PTSD.  The basic priniciples of safe telehealth are integrated into effective use of
  EMDR therapy in treating complex cases.

  Participation is limited to:

  1. EMDR therapists who completed an EMDRIA approved basic training and are now actively
  providing treatment to veterans/military with complex PTSD. 

  2. Therapists experienced in treating veterans  with EMDR therapy face-to-face prior to
  telehealth.   ( A training webinar will be offered to newly trained EMDR therapists soon.)

  3. Therapists committed to participate in consultation either weekly or every two weeks.

  Contact Dr. Hurley for further information.

  Cost: $50 per person per session.

Designed for therapists interested in further developing their clinical skills in treating our military/veterans with complex PTSD.

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