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Enhance your EMDR treatment skills from the comfort of your own location

Online EMDR Advanced Training

  Treating First Responders and Military with EMDR Therapy 
  an online EMDR Advanced Trainings with
E. C. Hurley, DMin, PhD  -  COL, USA (Ret)

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What course participants have stated  . . .

  Dr Hurley 

  Thank you!!!

  I am listening to your training.  It is by far the best I have taken covering trauma EMDR 
vetsmilitary and first responders I come from a family of first responders firefighters and MX and it gives me such hope for our MX first responders
and their families  that you are so dedicated and talented passionate about how to effectively and appropriately use EMDR to relieve their suffering.

  Thank you!!

  Kate Hald
  LPC, EMDRIA Certified Therapist

Other participants
 have stated:

  - Your presentation today was extraordinary.

  - You are among the best of the EMDR educators/clinicians that I have encountered.

  - This material will help me and my colleagues on our EMDR Clinical Team here at the VA.


Required courses for the EMDR Military Certicicate:

Participants are required to complete the following webinars or on-demand videos:

     - Treating Acute Stress, PTSD and Complex PTSD with EMDR Therapy

     - Treating Veterans with Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury

     - Addressing Dissociation and Suicidality with EMDR Therapy

     - Treating Adults Abused as Children
     - A Clinicians Guide for Treating Active Military and Veteran Populations with EMDR
       therapy: Clinical Applications and Special Topics (military sexual trauma, treating PTSD with TBI,
       EMDR early interventions in military and civic operations) based on Dr. Hurley's book (2020).
     - Attachment in War: the bonding of soldiers in combat

     - The Veteran Family and PTSD

     - EMDR Clinic


   This training program was developed to enhance the quality of treatment provided to
   military, veterans and their families.  After listening to new clients report they were previously
   treated in EMDR therapy and it didn't work, Dr. Hurley developed this program to improve EMDR
   clinicians' effectiveness.  In fact, Hurley states he has never had a case when EMDR therapy did not
   work when the EMDR therapist was faithful to the protocol and selected clients in accordance with
   the standard EMDR selection criteria. 


   Participants in the Certificate program participate in a two-hour monthly clinic for 12 months with
   Dr. Hurley and other EMDRIA Approved Consultants who are seasoned in treating military and veteran
   populations.  This will include review of the staff video cases and participant's written case studies.  The
   final session will include and evaluation in which participants are presented cases and asked to identify
   possible treatment options using the EMDR protocol.

   COMPETENCY: the EMDR Military/Veteran Specialist designation requires the participating therapist
   demonstrate an advanced level of clinical competency for completion of the program.  Selection
   into the program recognizes the participant has both potential and motivation for achieving
   advanced clinical status.  Development of clinical competency is not based on a specific number of
   consultation hours but the ability to demonstrate advanced levels of clinical competency.


   Total cost of this Certificate program is $1980 if purchased as package. 
   This includes eight webinars and a $75 administrative fee.  This includes 62 hours of instruction with  with 

   interactive presentation via Zoom for enhancing EMDR therapy clinical services to our veteran, active
    military, first-responders, and their families.  Program is extended over 12-18 months with payment made
   in full or incrementally with payment for each course made individually.

May 15, 2021   1:00 - 5:15 pm         4 hours

The PTSD Family: Family Healing through EMDR Therapy



Course 2

       February 20-21, 2021 –—      Part 1 and 2  Scheduled May 25th

                   6 CEs approved by APA, EMDRIA and NBCC

         Treating Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury with EMDR Therapy  (Part 1)     

Topics include:

Understanding shame and guilt with clinical presentations and effective

EMDR interventions

Guilt and shame defined with clinical examples

Moral injury: a new definition of old experiences

Moral injury: a multi-discipline perspective for first-responders, military,

and veterans

The impact of shame based life
The ancient Stoics and mental health

Psychology’s view of moral issues

Augustine’s just war theory and today’s law of modern warfare



     May 25         Part 2   

     Treating Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury with EMDR Therapy  (Part 2)                      


Topics include:

Moral injury among military personnel

Moral injury among first-responders

Treating Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury with EMDR therapy

Clinical presentations of shame, guilt, and moral injury

The pervasiveness of shame in clinical presentation

Case conceptualization and treatment planning

Effective treatment of shame with EMDR therapy

Planning for the future with EMDR therapy’s three-prong approach.



Course 3

Parts 1 & 2

     Addressing Dissociative Exhibitions and Suicidality with EMDR Therapy      

Part 2
      Addressing Dissociative Exhibitions and Suicidality with EMDR Therapy       

Topics include:

Characteristics of stress-related sensory distortions: Dissociation and


Treating dissociative exhibitions during EMDR therapy - case examples

with video

Moral Injury and Unresolved Grief interact with Suicide
When the meaning of life and death shifts - from dissociation to suicidality
Military using EMDR therapy
Suicidality: Rebuilding hope