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E. C. Hurley, PhD is the author of "Treating Military Sexual Trauma with EMDR Therapy" in the book Treating Military Sexual Trauma  edited by Lori Katz.

This workshop is designed to present the clinical issues every EMDR therapist needs to know in treating anyone who has been sexually assaulted.  Military Sexual Assault (MST) has an added diminesion in there is betrayal trauma added to the violation.  Participants will come away from this training with an increased awareness of the clinical issues involved for effective treatment and how to effectively treat clients from an EMDR perspective.

January 16-17, 2021

The Dissociative Spectrum from Acute Stress to Complex PTSD

February 20-21, 2021

Treating Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury with EMDR Therapy

March 20-21, 2021

Addressing Dissociative Exhibitions and Suicidality with EMDR Therapy

April 2021

The PTSD Family: Family Healing through EMDR Therapy

Later in 2021

Introduction to Treating Veterans with Complex Trauma (non-DID) using EMDR Telehealth during a Pandemic

January - December, 2021

EMDR Clinic
Clinical skills enhancement through a 12 month course.
2-hour monthly course examining the application EMDR therapy to veterans through all eight-phases and three prong - 12 month committment for $100 per 2-hour months session.