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EMDR Early Intervention Training
Preparing therapists to effectively treat survivors of recent traumatic events - individual incidents and mass disasters

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EMDR Early Intervention

Providing Care and Healing to Survivors of Disasters

While we all wish and pray for peace in our communities, there continues to be violence around us. EMDR Therapy protocols provide effective treatment for persons who have experienced recent traumatic events. We also train agencies in the use of EMDR recent events protocol in response to traumatic events in their communities.

​EMDR Recent Events protocol was developed by Francine Shapiro in response to the San Francisco earthquake in 2989. Since then it has been used to treat survivors world-wide.

​The Recent Traumatic Events (R-TEP) protocol and the Group Traumatic Events (G-TEP) protocol were developed by EMDR trainer, Elan Shapiro in providing effective treatment to both individuals and groups following recent traumatic events. These protocols have been used world-wide in the treatment of persons impacted by motor vehicle accidents, shootings, tsunamis, hurricanes, and tornados and war-torn communities around the world. These approaches are regularly used to assist first responders when they are impacted by the distressing memories from accidents and disasters.

​The G-TEP can treat groups of survivors all at the same time without the participants needing to verbalize what happened.

​E. C. Hurley, PhD is an approved trainer in both the Recent Traumatic Events (R-TEP) and the Group Traumatic Events (G-TEP) protocol. He offers trainings to agencies as well as Soldier Center, located in Clarksville, TN, near Ft Campbell, KY.

​Dr. Hurley, retired from the U.S. Army, uses these protocols to treat military personnel and first responders in various locations around the world.

​Soldier Center maintains a team of clinicians available to offer treatment to persons and groups who have experienced natural and man-made disasters.  If you wish to be trained in these models of recent events protocol or inquire about our services please phone (931) 553-6981 or complete the email comments session below.  Please indicate you are inquiring about R-TEP and G-TEP services or training.

  EMDR Early Intervention Training

   Treating survivors of disaster - natural and man-made


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