Dr. Hurley's Online Courses to prepare pre-registered EMDR training participants in prepartion for their upcoming on-site basic training

Dr. Hurley - in an effort to prepare participants to get the most out of their training - has designed these online courses allowing registered training participants to view a number of short video clips preparing for their upcoming training.  Topics include "The history and development of EMDR as a model of psychotherapy," "AIP: The theoretical model behind EMDR therapy," and "The EMDR approach."  Registered participants are ahead in their understanding and conceptualizing the EMDR approach prior to arriving for the on-site EMDR theapy training.

Online courses available for integrating EMDR therapy into you clinical practice.

Courses on the art of introducing psychotherapy to your clients/patients, creating a secure environment, how to prepare a hypervigilant client for treatment, what to do when the approach doesn't seem to work (what the therapist need to do for the treatment to work).

Getting ahead in your EMDR training