The first of eight (8) courses is now available as an EMDRIA Approved On-Demand Study with 6 CEs.  Purchase the course, then in your own time complete the study and take the quiz to earn 6 CEs.

Cost: $195.00 for this individual course with quiz and 6 CEs.

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Future on-damand courses include the following:

- Treating Acute Stress, PTSD and Complex PTSD with EMDR Therapy                                     6 CEs 
- Treating Veterans with Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury                                                              6 CEs 
- Addressing Dissociation and Suicidality with EMDR Therapy                                                   6 CEs 
- The PTSD Family                                                                                                                                     4 CEs
- Treating Veterans Abused as Children and Adults                                                                       6CEs         
- A Clinicians Guide for Treating Active Military and Veteran
Populations with EMDR therapy: Clinical Applications and
Special Topics (military sexual trauma, treating PTSD with TBI,
EMDR early interventions in military and civic operations)
based on Dr. Hurley's book (2020). Parts 1 & 2                                                                             12 CEs 

- Attachment in War: the bonding of soldiers in combat                                                            6 CEs 
- EMDR Clinic (Clinical groups of 8)                       Live participation only                                 12 CEs

On receipt of your payment:

1. a access code will be forwards to you enabling you to have 90 day access to the video via Vimeo.

2. Access to a study guide will be provided in preparation of the quiz.

3. Link to the online quiz will be provided which, when completed, earns you a certificate of completion and 6 CEs approved by APA, EMDRIA and NBCC.

4. A certificate of compleiton will be sent you on successful completion of the quiz (70% correct answers)


On-Demand EMDR Advances Courses with CEs

                                                                             ON-DEMAND Coures  

Across the Dissociative Specturm: Treating Acute Stress, PTSD, and Complex PTSD with EMDR Therapy


Purchase aAdvanced ccess to this 6 Credit hours of ON-DEMAND

$195.00  for 6 hour EMDR Advanced Training

Yeara of clinical expereicne are poured into these ON-DEMAND courses
for you to study where are are

1. Learn distinct EMDR BLS approaches for responding to the various clinical complexities of trauma from acute stress to PTSD and complex PTSD.  

2.     Review the current delivery platforms available for telehealth treatment.
3.     Discuss the existing EMDR therapy online approaches and their application with online HIPPA compliant platforms. 
4.     Review lessons learned in using virtual EMDR therapy by clinical staff at Soldier Center.
5.     Discuss complex trauma, particularly C-PTSD with primary and secondary levels of dissociation, with virtual treatment.
6.     Review what areas of complex PTSD with dissociative features can be treated with virtual EMDR theapy.
7.     Identify clinical skills necessary for treating complex PTSD with dissociative features.

                           COURSE 2: Treating Shame, Guilt, and Moral Injury with EMDR Therapy

1. Distinguish the difference between shame and guilt

2. Learn the contribution of psychologist Helen Lewis in distinguishing shame and guilt.

3. Identify the impedident of unresolved grief to psychological healing.

4. Review the laws of land warefare

5. Know the purpose of the International Committee of the Red Cross in protecting non-combatants during warfare.

6. What three (3) disciplines have historicallly cared for moral injury?

7. In what way does  Just War theory advance peace?

8. How does cognitive interweave address moral injury?

9. How many clinical cagegories of moral injury are treated with EMDR therapy?

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