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Enhance your EMDR treatment skills from the comfort of your own location

Online EMDR Advanced Training

  Treating First Responders and Military with  
  EMDR Therapy
 - an online EMDR Advanced Training with
E. C. Hurley,   
                                                 DMin, PhD  -  COL (Ret)

Separate Purchase - Course 2 only is $200

Purchase the 3 course webinar with 18 EMDRIA and NBCC CE units.

The 3 courses are the same 3-day on-site training provided by Dr. Hurley throughout the U.S. and Canada.  All 3 courses are available for $550.  The next training cycle for these courses begins October, November, and early December, 2020

E. C. Hurley describes the courses in these "Treating First-Responders and Veterans with EMDR Therapy" trainings.  I designed these courses - after years of working with these populations - to help you enhance your clinical knowledge in providing effective treatment for these special populations

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Treating First-Responders, Military and Veterans with EMDR Therapy

E. C. Hurley, DMin, PhD    -   Choice of Thursdays or Saturdays, 1-4 pm either day - designated weeks.


Course 1 (two 3-hour online webinars):


Online Course 1a: The Dissociative Spectrum from Acute Stress to
                                   Complex PTSD           Presented May 14 and 16, 2020


Topics include:

First-Responders and Soldiers – Understanding their way of life

Theoretical basis for effective treatment: the AIP model

Treating Acute stress, PTSD and Complex PTSD with EMDR Therapy

EMDR Early Intervention Models (EEI)

Treating PTSD and Complex PTSD: Clinical Issues

EMD, EMD(r), and EMDR approaches

Treating PTSD and Complex PTSD


Online Course 1b: The Dissociative Spectrum from Acute Stress to
                                   Complex PTSD 
            Presented June 4 and 6, 2020

Topics include:

Embedded Phase 2 Preparation with Phase 4 (Desensitization)

Dissociation videos with discussion

Ego States, Structural Dissociation and Complex Trauma

Treating Dissociative Exhibitions across the spectrum with EMDR


Case Conceptualization and Treatment Planning for these special




Course 2: (two 3-hour online webinars)

Treating Shame, Guilt & Moral Injury with
EMDR Therapy

Individual course Cost: $200


Online Course 2a: Treating Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury with EMDR
         Presented June 18 and 20, 2020

Topics include:

Understanding shame and guilt with clinical presentations and effective

EMDR interventions

Guilt and shame defined with clinical examples

Moral injury: a new definition of old experiences

Moral injury: a multi-discipline perspective for first-responders, military,

and veterans

The impact of shame based life
The ancient Stoics and mental health

Psychology’s view of moral issues

Augustine’s just war theory and today’s law of modern warfare




 Treating Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury with EMDR Therapy

Online Course 2b: Treating Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury with EMDR
                   Presented July 9 and 11, 2020     


Topics include:

Moral injury among military personnel

Moral injury among first-responders

Treating Shame, Guilt and Moral Injury with EMDR therapy

Clinical presentations of shame, guilt, and moral injury

The pervasiveness of shame in clinical presentation

Case conceptualization and treatment planning

Effective treatment of shame with EMDR therapy

Planning for the future with EMDR therapy’s three-prong approach.



Course 3: (two 3-hour online webinars):


Online Course 3a: Addressing Dissociative Exhibitions and Suicidality with
                                   EMDR Therapy
                                                                        Presented July 23 and 25, 2020        



Topics include:

Theories of Suicide – what has changed, what has not changed?

Suicidality: Assessment and Intervention among First-Responders and

Recognizing the signs

Effective intervention strategies



Online Course 3b: Addressing Dissociative Exhibitions and Suicidality with
Therapy                    Presented Aug 6 and 8, 2020                                         


Topics include:

Characteristics of stress-related sensory distortions: Dissociation and


Treating dissociative exhibitions during EMDR therapy - case examples

with video

Moral Injury and Unresolved Grief interact with Suicide
When the meaning of life and death shifts - from dissociation to suicidality
Military using EMDR therapy
Suicidality: Rebuilding hope




The training format offers the training in at two different times (Thursday and Saturday) during the designed training weeks each course is offered.  Training is to be provided during Zoom platforms.  Evaluations will be conducted using Survey Monkey.